The Program at a Glance

Today’s business environment means that change is inevitable and leaders have to face a fast-paced world where Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) is the new normal.

Organisations and leaders must be able to manage the increasing challenges of the VUCA environment.

The program has 3 phases

  1. A pre-assessment to understand each person’s needs
  2. An 8-day program based on leadership principles, plus university-accredited courses
  3. A post-development and coaching program with coaching sessions over four months

Topics and Program

  • Pre-Assessment
  • Globalisation and Leadership
  • Planning and Problem Solving
  • Building Motivation and Resilience
  • Learning and Creating a Strong Value-Based Culture
  • Leading Authentically and with Integrity
  • Building Relationships and Maintaining Trust
  • Ethics and Behaviour in an International Context
  • ½ day excursion to meet leading Austrian businesses
  • Personal Development Plan, Project Deliverable, Next Steps and Follow Up Actions
  • Assessment and Coaching

The program works on the areas of

  • SELF-LEADERSHIP:  through pre-assessments focusing on each person’s self leadership
  • LEADING HIGH-PERFORMING TEAMS:  what do we need to create, lead, manage and motivate high performance teams
  • LEADING THE ORGANISATION:  understanding opportunities, risks and decisions to lead international organisations
  • LEADING INTERNATIONALLY:  how to behave, communicate, negotiate and build relationships in an international environment

Autumn 2017 registration not yet open