The Content in Detail

We are currently designing our program for 2017-8, which will soon be on our website.

Arrival, date tba
Day 0

Welcome dinner reception

Date tba
Day 1

Start of day, introduction to program, discussion on projects and personal development plan

Leadership and Learning

Our role in how we learn, how we give feedback, how we create a culture for learning in our staff and organisations, the cornerstone to our thinking process

Dinner, discussion and reflection

Date tba
Day 2

The Leadership Thought Process

How to solve problems and make decisions?
How to plan for best and worst case scenarios?

Date tba
Day 3

Values and Leadership

What is our role as leaders in leading authentically and with integrity?
What is integrity across cultures?
How to act with integrity?
How to create values?

Date tba
Day 4

Leadership and Internationalisation Strategies

How do firms evolve, how do they successfully internationalize, how do they manage their internationalized operations? How do firms from emerging markets enter Western/developed markets?

Ethics and Behaviour in Leadership

What standards exist in international ethics?
How to build trust in relationships?

Date tba
Day 5

Excursion and meeting international managers

Date tba
Day 6

Managing Relationships and Inspiring Others

The role of the leader in emotional intelligence
Developing and maintaining critical relationships
Influencing and inspiring others

Date tba
Day 7

Motivation, resilience and personal drive

Staying focused, setting realistic and achievable targets and goals
The truth about motivation, how to motivate the self and others
How to focus on outcomes and the process to achieve results
Vision, sharing and communicating the message

Date tba
Day 8

Project delivery
Assignment of coaches, mentors and continued development

Close of program

Autumn 2017 registration not yet open