Why VGL?

Culture plays an important role in leadership. As much as today’s business environment is becoming more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA), leaders need to manage these new challenges in the environment, in business structures, in teams and in how they lead themselves.

In emerging markets, managers and leaders might be more apt at managing the VUCA environment, but there are still the questions of what global and international standards are, and how to act and behave in international markets.

This program aims to bring together managers and leaders from emerging markets and connect them with international standards to help managers operate with more confidence and efficiency in global markets.

Why Vienna?

Vienna, Austria is seen as a significant center of Europe. For centuries it has been a bridge between the east and west, an excellent position to bring together knowledge, culture, competencies and internationalisation.


Vienna Global Leaders is formed by a number of individuals who work internationally and know that to be international, you need a particular set of knowledge, competencies, skills and attitudes. While academia gives us the theoretic framework and knowledge, it does not necessarily help us build skills and competencies. Our goal is to enhance individuals’ competencies, skills and frame of mind. It is this combination of academia, industry and consulting that gives us this added advantage.